Garden Room Extensions New Planning Rules

Many readers of The Garden Room Guide are looking for an extension attached to the house, a couple weeks ago the government introduced new planning laws which make building this type of extension much easier.

The new rules relate to garden room extensions ie those attached to the house rather than the standalone models we feature on this site.

New Planning Rules For Semi Detached & Terrace Houses

Under the old rules you would have needed to apply for planning permission on any extension that was bigger than 3m from the rear wall of the house, this has now been doubled to 6m

So, if you live in a semi detached or terrace house you can now build out a whopping 6m from the rear of the house without applying fro planning permission.

New Planning Rules For Detached Houses

For detached properties the old rules allowed you to build out 4m from the rear of the house, this has also been doubled to 8m before needing to apply for planning permission.

If you live in a detached house you can now build out to 8m from the rear of the house without applying for planning permission

This new rule should speed up the project time greatly, planning permission can take around 12 weeks before work can start – so thats 12 weeks earlier you could be making use of your new living space!

So, if you are looking to extend your home make the most of the goverments new ruling – browse this site for inspirtaion of garden room extensions.

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