Garden Room Designer – Jason Pardesi

What makes a garden room designer tick? This article by Atelier gives you an insight…

Since its launch 18 months ago, Atelier has been raising the standard of garden studio design to the next level. Where once stood glorified sheds as the flag bearer of garden architecture, now stand gleaming examples of 21st century, cutting-edge design – thanks to Atelier’s jaw-droppingly gorgeous garden studios.

In Atelier’s designs, contemporary good looks have finally caught up with easy practicality.

Responsibility for Atelier’s style lies in the hands of its 26-year-old head of technical design, Jason Pardesi.

Jason joined Atelier’s sister company – Apropos – five years ago via a Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) with the University of Salford, following his graduation in Industrial Design and Technology from Loughborough University.

Jason was recruited to assist in the development of Atelier, from concept to profitable business venture. He did so, with a series of designs that have gained admirers, and customers, from far and wide.

We speak to Jason about his design background, his work for Atelier and the future…

Q: As a student, what did you want to do with your technical design degree?

J: “I originally wanted to design cars, more specifically Bentleys. Unfortunately I obtained the wrong degree!

“During my time at university I undertook a module in entrepreneurialism and innovation, in which I learnt about business assistance. After university I remembered the bit about KTPs and pursued that path, which eventually led to Apropos’ work on Atelier.”

Q: What happened when you left university?

J: “When I left university, I didn’t know what to do; whether to stay on in full-time education or start straight at the bottom of the career ladder. That was until I was lucky enough to work for Apropos through a KTP. Being involved in a KTP offered the best of both worlds, allowing me to work towards a Masters degree and work in a full-time project management position for Apropos. This project has since become a business in its own right – Atelier.”

Q: What has been the most enjoyable aspect of your work?

“The freedom and responsibility that I have been afforded whilst working at Apropos and Atelier has been both daunting and extremely exciting. It has definitely been an uphill struggle; however, the support and encouragement that I have received has made the process enjoyable.”

Q: How has your experience differed to that of your contemporaries at university?

“If there were more companies that had the same approach to graduate recruitment as Apropos, I am certain that many of my university peers would not have struggled to find similar opportunities.”

Q: Where did you find the inspiration for the design of the Atelier garden studios?
“I’m a big fan of Scandinavian architecture, and summerhouses are a big part of Nordic culture. With my design work I have always tried to make things outwardly simple despite being complex on the inside. The basic curve shape and application of modularity to that shape is very simple in theory, but when you combine it with the rest of the requirements it creates a much more complex design. Cantilevers are always an impressive part of any architectural design.”

Q: How is Atelier faring in these times of economic uncertainty?

J: “Even though we have launched in an unpredictable and challenging financial climate, with a high-value, high-spec product, I see a bright future for Atelier. The fact that we have an ever-growing order book after just one year in business is very encouraging.

Q: And, what is the future for Jason Pardesi?

J: “Having been involved with the design and evolution of the Atelier concept into a profitable business, I plan on being involved in Atelier’s bright future, as we look to expand our business internationally. These are exciting times for the company and I want to continue playing a role in that.”

For your chance to own one of Jason’s designs visit the Atelier website

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