Garden room designed around a hot tub

We have been exploring Harrison James website, they have one of the best garden room case study pages. Exploring this section of the site we were taken with the case study looking at a garden room they designed around a hot tub.

Garden room designed around a hot tub by Harrison James-1Garden room designed around a hot tub by Harrison James-2

We know that many readers of this site are looking of a way to combine a garden room and hot tub to create a great entertainment space. This example by Harrison James is one of the more successful examples we’ve seen.

Harrison James client wanted to create an area they could retreat to and relax after a long days work. The key component of this vision was the hot tub. They also wanted to create a garden room that could be used for both changing in and sitting and relaxing. Two small storage rooms have also been cleverly incorporated into the building making this a truly multifunctional building.

A lot of thought was taken at the design stage as to how the building would be positioned in the walled garden and how the hot tub would be incorporated into the design.

Garden room designed around a hot tub by Harrison James-4Garden room designed around a hot tub by Harrison James-3

In the end a corner building was decided upon. This shape is a clever use of space and does direct the views from the garden room into the centre of the garden. The hot tub has been sunken into the deck that surrounds the building. LED lights have been incorporated into the deck to light the way to the hot tub – this must look great at night.

At 5 meters x 6 meters this is a good sized garden room. As we say two small store rooms have been incorporated into the design. Look closely at the photos and you can see the doors which have been matched into the cedar cladding.

The cedar cladding has been teamed with grey aluminium bifold doors which is a very popular combination in garden room design. The roof has been covered in a durable EPDM rubber membrane.

Internally the room has the feel of a modern house with laminate floor and plastered and decorated walls & ceiling. The storage rooms have been lined out in plywood.

The large deck area has been finished in a composite decking board which will need little more maintenance than a sweep here and there.

Because of the hot tub a traditional concrete slab foundation system was used for this project. The area where the hot tub sits is a lower level than the rest of the slab to create the sunken tub look.

This project cost around £40k which seems very reasonable to say how tailored the design is to the clients needs.

For more information about Harrison James work visit their website or give the team a call on 01403 713 766


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