Garden Room Design Details: Living Roofs

We are continuing our look at design details which make a garden room stand out.

Today we are looking at living roofs and showing you some of the best examples we’ve seen over the years.

In most cases the living roofs used in garden room design are sedum based. These low growing. low maintenance plants are chosen for their durability and with thought can create interest all year round.

Turf roofs are also an option, but are not often used because they are heavy and need a lot of maintenance i.e. cutting, otherwise they become messy.

Another popular option is a meadow mix which can look stunning during the summer months, and is then cut back once the plants have gone to seed.

Living roofs offer many benefits. From the garden room usage point of view they offer a good layer of thermal and acoustic insulation.

From natures view, they create a wonderful ecosystem for birds and insects.

Visually they offer many benefits such as when looking at the building from an upstairs window, its a much softer finish than a large expanse of black rubber!

Examples of well done living roofs



Roomworks have built several garden rooms with living roofs. They are experienced in using both sedum and meadow planted systems


The living roof on this eDEN Garden Room completes the overall garden design.


The living roof of this garden room by Green Studios helps it softly blend into the landscape.

The-Garden-EscapeThis garden room by The Garden Escape shows how living roofs can be combined with other design elements, like the roof lantern.

There are also some realistic looking synthetic green roof systems on the market, which give you the visual appearance of a living roof but with none of the upkeep.

Ulverston Studio  Swift


This Swift Garden Room features an artificial green roof system – its a great option!

A living roof is a great design feature when done well, and the examples shown above are done well!


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