Garden Room Coffee Shop

We hear of garden rooms being used for all sorts of things, but this is a first as coffee shops!

An example of a Pinnacle garden room by Green Retreats

An example of a Pinnacle garden room by Green Retreats

Grindsmiths are setting up a new coffee shop concept in Manchester, housed in stylish Pinnacle garden rooms by Green Retreats.

The Grindsmiths team explain why they have chosen a garden room from Green Retreats for their new venture:

The idea of the coffee shop has been dominated by the big players for the past decade, we wanted to bring a new concept to the game. From this idea ‘Grindsmith’ was born – an independent coffee shop housed in a stylish yet homely environment that oozed contemporary design. The decision was made to utilise the Pinnacle garden room from Green Retreats after a visit to their factory. The first thing that struck was its appearance, something we hadn’t witnessed in any other design. When stepping inside we could already smell the coffee being brewed, hear the buzz of customers and see everything working together in bringing our vision together. The Pinnacle had something different, it had character, the building creates an image and atmosphere that will make it stand out in the market place. We needed simplicity, the coffee shop will be pre fabricated then delivered to location. This has reduced costs, simplified building processes and allowed a quick installation. These were key contributors that allowed us to launch Grindsmith in a newly regenerated area in the centre of Manchester.”

Interestingly the Grindsmith project is being funded via a Kickstarter campaign, if you would like to learn more and support the venture click here.

You can follow Grindsmiths progress via Twitter @grindsmiths

We have featured several of Green Retreats Pinnacle garden rooms this year, click here to take a look

For more information about Green Retreats visit their website or call them on 0800 9998777

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