Garden Offices


Creating a home office is the most popular use for a garden room. We have written about lots of garden offices over the years, and have curated this page of articles to point you in the direction of some of the more interesting examples.

Dual garden office

This building features two offices under one roof.

Ultra garden office

A look at the Ultra range by Smart Garden Offices.

Double office celebrations

This owner of this garden office got value and a good investment. 

Two person garden office

This garden office is designed for 2 people to work comfortably.

Pentagon shaped office

This pentagon shaped garden office is tailored to the shape of the site.

Office with galvanised cladding

This garden office has distinctive galvanised cladding.

Work from home Swift style

This bespoke garden office has been tailored for the customer.

As seen on TV

This garden office was featured on Ugly House to Lovely House.

New England style office

This garden office is full of traditional style.

Garden office with toilet

A look at a garden office where a w.c. has been incorporated.

Don't waste money renting

Don't waste money renting an office, have one in your garden.

Contemporary garden office

A striking garden office designed for a London garden.

Garden homework space

Garden offices are being used as homework rooms by many families.

Irregular shaped office

This garden office has been designed to follow the boundaries of the garden.

Contrasting materials

This garden office makes a statement with contrasting exterior materials.

Garden office / garage combo

This bespoke build features a office and garage under on roof.

Garden office tailored to you

This garden office was tailored to the customers needs and tastes.

Garden office video tour

A showcase looking at several Warwick Buildings garden offices.

Want more information about buying a garden office?

We have built a site especially for people looking to buy a garden office. Its full of buying advice, looks at elements of construction and has a section looking at garden office prices. 

Fully fitted garde office

Not only did Insitu design the building, they also designed the interior.

Medium sized garden office

Good examples of a medium sized garden offices suitable for 2 workers.

Fitted garden office interior

Smart Garden Offices can kit out the interior of their offices too.

Garden office with shed

A very stylish garden office with striking interior and a shed area.

Creative garden office space

This garden office is a creative space for several workers.

Made to measure garden office

This L-shaped garden office was made to measure for the customer.

Therapy room in the garden

Garden offices are used for lots of businesses, this one is a therapy room.

Multi use garden office

This garden office has been designed to have other uses too.

Beauty studio in the garden

This garden office is being used as the HQ for a beauty business.

Garden office on a hill

This garden office is cleverly built on to a steep slope.

Challenging London build

This was a challenging central London but very successful.

Not one by three offices

Three garden offices are being used as the HQ for a growing business.

Beauty treatment room

A modern beauty treatment room created in the corner of the garden.

Tailor-made garden office

This garden office was tailor-made for the client, incorporating some great features.