Garden office with room for an eco loo

Many people are looking to future proof their garden room or office by incorporating a toilet into the building, opening up different use possibilities in the future.

There are different ways of achieving incorporating a toilet into a garden room or office. The most common option is to connect the toilet to the mains supply for water and sewerage. A great deal of groundwork is required to connect the toilet to the mains supply. As a result, this is an expensive option.

Some garden room suppliers offer cassette toilet systems like you might find in a caravan. With this system, you have a fixed toilet basin in the w.c. with a removable cassette that with most systems you access from outside. These systems come with indicators telling you when they need emptying. With this system you don’t have the extensive groundworks, so the cost is quite reasonable.

A third option is an eco toilet that works on a natural composting method. These systems have a toilet basin that looks like a regular toilet – not a bucket! There is little smell, and like the cassette, toilet systems remove the need for extensive groundworks, so the cost is reasonable. This article goes into more detail about eco loos suitable for garden rooms.

A garden office ready for an eco toilet

Garden Fortress recently designed and built this 4-meter x 3-meter garden office in Dorking, Surrey. The building was designed to be a home office, and for convenience when working the customer wanted to install a toilet. Rather than go to the lengths and expense of connecting a toilet system to the mains supply, they opted for an eco toilet.

Garden office with eco toilet installedThis garden office has a room for an eco toilet

Garden Fortress did not install the eco toilet, but they did create the room within the office for it to be fitted in at a later date. The w.c. sits in one corner, so doesn’t steal too much space from the office area as this photo shows. Once the building was complete, the owner had the eco-loo installed.

Garden office with eco loo

Garden Fortress build their rooms from scratch on site. This time-lapse video shows all that goes into the build which took the team of two ten days to construct.

To learn more about this project talk to the Garden Fortress team on 01372 602 686 or visit their website.

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