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We know that many visitors to this site are looking for information on ways to build a garden room or office themselves, and today we introduce you to a new concept by


Garden Room & Office are based in the UK but the actual kits are sourced from Bulgaria, and the company can supply their kits throughout the UK and Europe.

It seems a very simple proposition, the company supplies garden office kits in two external finishes Spruce and Cedar and each finish in two sizes 3m x 2m x 2.3m high and 3m x 3m x 2.3m high. The Spruce option is cheaper than the Cedar version and although the Spruce has been pressure treated it will require a decorative finish applying and on going maintenance, the Cedar on the other hand can be left to weather to a silver grey as it has natural preservative qualities.

Whats the spec?

  • WALLS Cladding, battened air gap, vapour barrier, timber, 50mm insulation, plasterboard.
  • CEDAR CLADDING Offering flexibility in design, when properly finished and maintained, Cedar will deliver decades of trouble free service. For more than a century, discerning architects and builders around the world have enhanced their projects with this beautiful and durable material. Nature still knows best, despite all efforts at imitation, no man-made product can match the performance qualities of Western Red Cedar.
  • SPRUCE CLADDING Pressure treated Tongue and groove cladding, will need to be stained or painted.
  • TIMBER Pressure Treated kiln-dried structural timber, ( Never buy a timber structure which is not pressure treated ).
  • INSULATION High-performance 50mm Celotex insulation board complies with the thermal requirements of building regulations,. Lightweight, durable and easy to install. Low emissivity (low-e) foil facing provides enhanced thermal performance within cavity air spacesAchieves an A+ rating when compared to the BRE Green Guide 2008, providing a lower environmental impact than typical PIR insulationThird party approvals from industry-leading organisations including the highly regarded British Board of Agrément
  • FELT Breathable Tyvek Vapour Barrier.
  • ROOF State of the art 80mm insulated roof panel, with finished underside for ceiling. Roof sloping to the rear.
  • WINDOW & DOOR 40mm aluminium frame powder coated black, window and door double glazed with argon filled glass. Door fitted with lock.
  • FLOORING Durable, high-density moisture-resistant P5 grade chipboard flooring. Tongue and groove design for easy installation.
  • FIXINGS Timberlock hardened steel screws, if you decide to move home unscrew and take the garden room with you.
  • PLASTERBOARD T Edge 2400x1200x12.5mm Ivory paper faced plasterboard can be finished with a plaster finish or direct decoration including painting.

How it all goes together

There is a video on YouTube of the garden office kit being put together:

The website says that the project will take about 5 days for an experienced handyman, this is broken down as:

EXTERNAL 2 day build

1. Build your concrete slab or other foundation. (not supplied) easy 1 day build
2. Bolt floor together and level. (supplied) 1 hour
3. Screw walls together, window and door fitted in walls. (supplied) 2 hours
4. Slide insulated roof panels on and fix. (supplied) 2 hours
5. Mastic line between roof and wall. (supplied) 30 minutes
6. Fix flashings. (supplied) 2 hours


1. Fix your electrics. (not supplied) 6 hours
2. Cut insulation between timbers. (supplied) 2 hours
3. Screw the floor boards down. (supplied) 3 hours
4. Plasterboard walls. (supplied) 4 hours
5. Fill joints on plasterboard two coats. (supplied ) 2 hours
6. Paint. (not supplied) 7 hours

How much do garden office kits cost?

The Spruce garden office kits cost:

3m x 2m  = £3720 inc VAT plus £1200 delivery

3m x 3m  = £4308 inc VAT plus £1200 delivery

The Cedar garden office kits cost:

3m x 2m  = £4920 inc VAT plus £1200 delivery

3m x 3m  = £5508 inc VAT plus £1200 delivery

On top of these figures you need to allow for the cost of the foundation and the connection of the electric’s to the mains supply with is not something you can do yourself as it has to be undertaken by a certified electrician.

So, you can certainly make a saving building a garden room / office yourself, but its still a significant investment and you will find fully installed options from other suppliers in this price bracket.

You can order your kit through the website 50% of the kit cost is paid on order, the final amount on delivery. There will be three deliveries of materials. The kit will be delivered 30 days after the first payment.

If you would like to know more visit or call the team on 00359 887 133114


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