Garden Office Heating Sale!

We’ve featured a few posts from Multiheat Energy Systems recently, now you can save money on heating for your garden office in their winter sale!

Winter Sale starts 5pm 24th December till 3rd January 2012

25% off all infrared heating panels

Over the holiday period we are offering our infrared heating panels with 25%off, all orders received will be dispatched on the 4th January for delivery later in the week. Our offices are closed over the holiday period.

Infrared warms people and objects rather than the air between and is very energy efficient. So if you are dreading returning to work to a cold office, or wish to be able to use your garden room more regularly over the winter then our heaters are for you! Infrared is found in nature, the sun gives off infrared rays, and you can feel the suns warmth even on chilly days, the warmth penetrates deep into the skin. Our heating panels create this same feeling of deep down warmth even though the air temperature may still be cool.

Panels are efficient to run with low energy usage. A 600 watt panel will warm you in a room of 12 square metres, compare this to a convector heater using 2000watts it is easy to see savings can be made on energy use. The sale price for this panel is £211.50 on ebay and other sizes are available there too.

Infrared heating panels fit onto the ceiling and can be hardwired or simply plugged in close by. So once fitted are out of the way from accidental damage and are ready for use throughout the year, even on a cool summers evening,  panels are slimline and do not take up valuable wall or storage space.

For more information visit the Multiheat Energy Systems website or call them on 01237 451759

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