Garden Office Guide: Windows


As we have seen how the doors you chose for your garden office can have a significant effect on the appearance of a garden office and how it is used, the same can be said for the style, size and number of windows you choose.

House Quality Windows

In most cases the windows used in garden offices are exactly the same as those specified in house construction. Casement windows are regularly used; the opening leaf of the window is hinged on the side meaning the window can be opened right out. If you have limited space outside your garden office you should consider windows that are hinged at the top or bottom, these still let in plenty of air but don’t need the swing space required by casement windows.

The windows used in garden offices come in several different materials, softwood windows will need to be painted or stained to preserve them, hardwood windows are more hardwearing than softwood and look great with timber cladding, UPVC is maintenance free and is now available in several more colours than the obligatory white, aluminium clad timber windows are very popular and available in several colours, the inside of the window is timber whilst the out surface is maintenance free aluminium.

Clever Design

Garden office designers are becoming very clever with their use of glass; some companies have designed their buildings so that the roof looks like it rests on a thin glazed panel, others have designed the intersections of the glass at the floor and ceiling to look like there’s no frame, creating a very slick finish. Some designers use several thin glazed panels which tease you with the view outside whilst others create whole walls out of one pane of glass. Be creative with your use of glass…

Positioning Your Windows

With modular garden office design there is quite a lot of flexibility as to where the windows are positioned, you should give this careful thought at the planning stage. If you plan to use your garden room as an office you don’t want to be sitting at your desk and not be able to see out of the window because its positioned too high, so consider mid height windows. If your garden has a focal point think about positioning windows to frame the view.


Full length glazed windows are popular in modern garden office design but it is worth considering mixing your fixed pane windows with some opening ones, having windows that you can open gives you quite a lot of flexibility when it comes to letting air into your garden office, it can be quite limiting if your only option is to open the door. House quality windows have trickle vents in the top of the frame; these vents offer a trickle of air flow into the garden office, these can prevent condensation forming.

Consider the Roof

Don’t limit your windows just to the walls; consider utilising the space in the roof. Roof windows offer the opportunity of getting more natural light into the building and some high level ventilation. Roof windows come in several sizes and can look great if grouped together. Roof windows can be opened manually or operated by remote control; there are lots of options when it comes to blinds for roof windows.

Thermally Broken

You may see the term ‘thermally broken aluminium windows’ on garden office  specifications, this does not mean the window is broken but is a term that means a insulating barrier has been placed between the inside and outside components of the window. Heat wants to travel from warm spaces to the cold so in winter the heat wants to travel from within your garden office to the cool outside, this thermal break stops that, it works in reverse in the summer helping to keep your garden office cool.

Spend some time working out the best position for the windows in your garden office – don’t just go for either side of the door, take the opportunity to frame a view of your garden or set a window at the right height so you can see out of the window when sitting down – it is possible to add windows to a garden office later, but the best option is to get the decision right in the first place!

In the next section of this guide we will look at internal wall finishes.

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