Garden Office Guide: Toilets, Kitchens and the like


Many people buying garden offices today want them to be self contained units that can be totally independent  of the main house and include toilet and coffee making facilities, this is quite easy to achieve at the design stage and more difficult, though certainly not impossible as a retro fit option.

A large number of garden office suppliers offer toilets, shower room and kitchen facilities as an option on their garden offices. Most companies use standard toilet, shower room and kitchen fixings and connect the garden office to your mains water and sewage supply, whilst a few companies offer caravan style cartridge toilets which don’t require mains connection but do require a commitment to emptying them!

It’s important to check with your garden office supplier as to what’s included in their toilet, shower room and kitchen packages, some suppliers fit the fixtures and fittings and run the pipes to the outside wall of the garden office and leave the customer to arrange for the connection to the mains which can be pricey as it involves burying pipes etc, other companies include this in their price.

You need to think about water supply to your garden office, the obvious answer is to run the mains supply from your house to the garden office but some suppliers use systems that draw water from water bottles and collect the waste water in another container, this system involves work for the user but means you can have running water at a significant cost saving.

When it comes to heating the water most garden offices use instant water heaters which heat the water as it is needed, more sophisticated plumbing systems may use a boiler like you have in a house.

Adding plumbing facilities, whether just a toilet, full shower room or a kitchen is a wise investment it means that your building will be self contained and opens up a host of possible uses in the future such as a granny annex.

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