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We chat with Those Garden Rooms about buying a garden office:

What is your most popular garden office design?

Every office we deliver is unique, all builds are designed to the requirements of our customers. Why give them something off the shelf, if they are spending hard earned money it should be something they really want rather than some thing I could easily give them

Why does your design make the perfect garden office, how have you made it user friendly?

By understanding the requirements we can deliver excellence.
Why give someone using the building as a salon loads of glass, when intimacy is needed?
Why deliver a a dark room to and artist?
Why give poor insulation and acoustic qualities to someone who is going to be banging drums in a studio?

We are not into a feature functions battle with other companies, we are Industrial Designers who know how to listen and add value to what we do. Its taken years to learn that, ignorance is easy to adopt…

How do your garden offices comply with Planning Permission?

We work closely with planning officers to ensure we are complying with local regulations.
Some are relaxed, some are so difficult its painful.
if you’re the planning officer in question reading this ease off! 😉

What size garden office do you recommend for one worker to work comfortably?

My first building was 2.4m x 2.6m enough space for a two to sit at a desk with cabinets underneath.
We also had a leather sofa in there to chill out on.
Its also great to have a bit of decking out the front to sit out on, on a sunny day.

And for two workers what size garden office do you suggest?

As above our little build was great, think about how it is in a commercial office with furniture designed to squeeze as many people in as possible. That’s probably why your working at home now, or thinking about it….

What do you need in an office? Chairs, Desks, filing cabinets? that’s all well and good if your PC based!

An architect might still yearn to have their Drawing board, albeit it might now be used for dropping your coat on.

Someone wanting a sewing room may need a large table to cut material?

I cannot dictate to you the size, but I can deliver on your requirements.

Have you got the room for a good sized build?

Future proof this idea, when you sell the house, the office may be used as a playroom or an additional room to place loud teenagers?

Are the foundations included in the price, if so what type?

Yes foundations are included based upon a site survey!

Is the ground sloped? Do we need to dig out? is there an existing concrete pad there already?

We survey and advise.

Are your garden offices suitable for year round use? What type of insulation do you use? How thick are your walls?

I could not deliver a build and hand over the keys if I though come October you would be freezing.
We have seen this so many times with people buying log cabin builds? Do they not understand thermal bridging?

All our builds are insulated, floors walls and ceilings. Some builds we use Celotex, some Rockwool for acoustic values, I’d use sheep’s wool if that’s what the customer wanted

What is the exterior cladding on your garden offices?

What cladding? there’s a good question?

We offer a number of cladding materials from Treated Softwood which will need treating every year to different styles of Cedar.
We are now also looking at other materials such Siberian Larch to Eco recycled cladding.

We are not cladding snobs!

What is the roof covering?

We use typically EPDM which we are approved fitters, sometimes we use Sarnafil.

Once again cost and application…

What is the interior lining and floor covering?

Interior lining is usually plaster boarded and skimmed.

Floor covering is down to the clients choice, you might like dark chocolate, I like milk! don’t hold that against me! and I also like Cadbury’s….

How many electrical sockets do you include as standard?

We don’t have a standard amount of sockets? do you want them at floor level? do you want them above a desk?

My clients tell me….

What sort of lighting do you use in your offices, why have you chosen this type?

Lighting? there is a pattern forming! we have fitted standard sunken halogen spotlights to fibre optic twinkly lights, we have also fitted fluorescent strip lights.

What is the requirements? what will fit that requirement!

Do you include heating in your garden office as standard, if so what type?

Typically our buildings are so well insulated a minimal heat source is all that is required.

Don’t forget, you are asking for this build to be an office…..there are now additional heat sources such as bodies and pc’s etc.

Normally my clients set a wall heater on for a few minutes before they enter on a timer, once in, they switch it off.

If you want a log fire, I’ll specify that for you.

Broadband and telephone are important in a garden office, how do buyers get these to the office?

When we commission the electric to the build, this is a great opportunity to lay down telephone and cable connection in.

We had a customer who trades online, he required two Internet lines into the building in case one of them fails.

If you need it, we’ll fit it.

What optional extras would you recommend to create the perfect office setup?

Optional Extras?

A kettle to make sure you don’t keep popping back to the kitchen.
Blinds on your windows when it gets sunny.
A decking space, use this for inspiration.
I love having an umbrella nearby in case its pouring when you finish and close shop for the day.

What is the lead time on your garden offices?

Lead times is normally dependent upon capacity and material availability.
Test us and we can discuss….

What is the typical on site build time?

That hugely varies upon size, location, access, how much ground preparation is required.

Anywhere from a week to three weeks, how long is a piece of string?

We can advise after a meeting when formulating a quote.

Our aim is to cause as little disruption as possible to your normal day.

But a cuppa helps everyone!

How much does a typical one person office cost?

We can have an entry level building for one person starting at circa £7,000

However, we can offer finance so that lump does not seem as large spreading the payments.

How much does a typical two person office cost?

Trying to determine price per person is an odd question due to the fact we are not restricted to style, materials, method of build, therefore we can allow our creative flair to come to the surface and create beauty or reign it in to deliver practicality.

We listen, learn and deliver!

Are there any hidden extras? (planning fees, electrical hookup etc)

We have taken the approach of using local electrical contractors to commission the buildings, as we are nationwide its a comfort for use that if you want to make an change or alteration you have local source to you who knows where everything is….

What is the lifespan of your garden offices, is there any ongoing maintenance?

Lets consider the areas that can fail and why?

Water is usually the most destructive source we encounter therefore the roof for me is the biggest area to get right.
With both Firestone EPDM and Sarnafil we offer considerable guarantees.
Cladding is the next area of consideration, soft woods will need to be treated yearly, however Cedar albeit a softwood it does not need as much treatment, it will age silver.
Oak, even longer…..

What guarantees come with the office, are they free?

As above the roofing material come with the longest guarantees, from 10 – 20 yrs.

We offer a 5yr build guarantee as standard.

If you could give a buyer one piece of advice about buying a garden office, what would it be?

Do your research!

Consider why you want this building? what are your needs? how long do you want to be in the building, both during a day and during a year?

A cheap log cabin wont cut it in a cold February morning covered in snow!
if you buy one, you will then have to insulate it after….

Are you buying off the shelf? why are you taking something that suited someone else? Does this really suit your needs?

Speak to an Industrial Designer who cares and who can deliver on your needs.

Punchy? Have a chat with Those Garden Rooms on 07753685575 or visit their website

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