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We ask Smart Garden Offices questions about their range of home garden offices:

What is your most popular garden office design?

Our Smart Quarto Garden Office

Why does your design make the perfect garden office, how have you made it user friendly?

Designed around typical British architecture, the Smart Range is purposed designed and built in our own factory by fully trained craftsmen. And because we don’t build anything else all our buildings are specified-for-purpose as offices. Fully insulated, double glazed, cabled, carpeted and installed by our team in just a couple of days. All our buildings are readily movable and re-sellable too!

How do your garden offices comply with Planning Permission?

In standard format, all Smart buildings have a maximum ridge height of 2.5m

What size garden office do you recommend for one worker to work comfortably?

Our Smart Solo is the ideal size for one worker. At 6.5 sq metres it is the ideal replacement for the typical back bedroom

And for two workers what size garden office do you suggest?

The Smart Duo is the perfect size for two workers being 10ft 6inches x 10ft 6inches – where garden space is restricted. Complete with our own (optional) fitted furniture range to optimise interior space the Duo gives plenty of room for two with additional space for visitors and filing too. Of course, our larger buildings are ideal where garden space allows.

Are the foundations included in the price, if so what type?

Concrete foundations are an optional extra, which can be completed by our own in-house ground-works team – normally within one day.

Are your garden offices suitable for year round use? What type of insulation do you use? How thick are your walls?

All our buildings for use 365 days a year – whatever the weather – in total comfort and minimal running costs. Walls are 100mm thick complete with high specification PIR (Celotex) insulation used on all six planes.

What is the exterior cladding on your garden offices?

High specification 18mm European WPB plywood which is finished with an attractive long life colour stain in clients choice of colour

What is the roof covering?

High specification bitumen shingles

What is the interior lining and floor covering?

Every Smart building is supplied with a high quality, broadloom carpet as standard. Each building can also be specified with a natural, wood stained bare floor board too.

Smart walls have an attractive, smooth white silk finish which are complemented by timber features throughout the interior

How many electrical sockets do you include as standard?

Up to eight double sockets, depending upon the size of building. Smarts are specified to ensure every client has ample sockets! All cables are hidden within wall cavities, with all fittings being flush mounted (no unsightly boxes) and everything is completed to the current (17th edition) electrical regulations.

What sort of lighting do you use in your offices, why have you chosen this type?

We use attractive spotlight fittings, which are ceiling mounted each with their own adjustable dimmer switch to give the Smart owner complete control of their.

Do you include heating in your garden office as standard, if so what type?

All our larger buildings are supplied with a thermostatically controlled radiator – which offers the best controllability for the user.

Broadband and telephone are important in a garden office, how do buyers get these to the office?

We fit broadband and telephone points in all our buildings and will arrange extensions whenever necessary.

What optional extras would you recommend to create the perfect office setup?

Our own hand built VersaDesk range of office furniture is designed and manufactured to be the perfect for fit for the client’s own Smart Garden Office.

All our fitted furniture options ensure the office space is optimised for day-to-day use and have been ergonomically designed to make sure the office fits the user perfect.

What is the lead time on your garden offices?

Our lead times are typically 4-6 weeks from order, although this can sometimes extend during the Summer.

What is the typical on site build time?

Our installation team assembles each Smart on site in just 1-2 days.

How much does a typical one person office cost?

The Smart Micro office is still available at £3995+ VAT. The Smart Solo office is exceptional value at £6980 +VAT

How much does a typical two person office cost?

The Smart Duo garden office is £8990+VAT

Are there any hidden extras? (planning fees, electrical hookup etc)

We offer the full service to every client and will quote separately on the electrical hook-up and ground-works – costs of which are, of course, dependant upon the customers own garden.

In the rare circumstances where planning permission is required we undertake the application on the client’s behalf without any charge. The only costs the customer incurs are the LA’s application fee which are charged at cost (£150)

What is the lifespan of your garden offices, is there any ongoing maintenance?

We design our buildings for a life span of 25 years – assuming the building has no maintenance at all.

However, we offer a maintenance service to be undertaken every 10 years designed ensure the building will last even longer.

What guarantees come with the office, are they free?

A nice solid 5-year no-quibble warranty

If you could give a buyer one piece of advice about buying a garden office, what would it be?

Invest in a garden office from a manufacturer (not a middleman)who will personalise and configure your building to suit your own specific needs and to suit your garden space. Don’t forget to make sure your garden office matches your house style and avoid “fashionable” design styles which will look dated in a few years time.

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