Garden Office Guide: Security


Modern garden office construction is a scaled down version of that used in house building, and because of this garden offices incorporate many of the same security features as a house, so you can rest assured that your garden office and the possessions inside are secure.

Secure Wall Design

People get concerned that a timber structure is easier to break into than a brick one – rest assured garden office are not like sheds with only one layer of flimsy cladding and then you’re in, garden offices are made up of multiple layers which would need a whole  toolbox to get through! However some garden office suppliers have taken this concern on board and designed in extra measures which would make it  additionally hard to get in through the walls – some companies have incorporated wire mesh into the wall structure, whilst others have chosen to use steel  cladding on the exterior.


In most cases the windows used in garden office construction are the same as those used in a house and feature lockable handles, meaning the windows can’t be opened if the windows are locked. Some suppliers have also sourced windows which have the glazing bars on the inside (the beading that holds the glass in the frame) meaning that the bars can’t be prised off and the glass removed by someone trying to get in.


Like the windows the doors used on a garden office are house quality and fitted with proper locks. There are several types of lock used in garden offices, but the most common are the mortice leaver locks and espagnolette lock. Mortice leaver locks come in different qualities, the more levers the better the lock, you will regularly see 5 leaver locks listed on garden office specifications – this is the type of mortice leaver recommended by insurance companies and the police. The other type of     popular lock is the espagnolette lock, this is a multi point locking system, when the key is turned not only is the bolt in the middle of the door activated but also bolts in the top and bottom of the door.

Most garden offices have outward opening doors, in theory someone could get in by attacking the hinges, which are on the outside, and lifting the door out – this is why some suppliers choose to build their garden offices with inward opening doors meaning the hinge is on the inside, other suppliers choose to use special hinges which incorporate studs which when the door is closed lock the hinge.


Many garden office suppliers offer burglar alarms as an option on their garden office, these work just like an alarm in your home with censors fitted in key locations and an alarm attached to a keypad which you set as you leave the building. A burglar alarm will ring a loud siren which will disturb an intruder and alert you – some alarm systems also come with the option of telephone, SMS or email notifications if the alarm is activated.

A few garden office companies also incorporate smoke alarms connected to the main house into their designs, as standard; this seems good practice and its surprising more suppliers don’t offer them.

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