Garden Office Guide: Roof Shapes


Because of the planning rules that allow garden offices less than 2.5m high to be placed within 2m of the boundary line many people choose flat roofed garden offices, whilst these are great spaces don’t dismiss pitched roof garden offices too quickly, they influence the look and feel of a garden office both inside and out.

Flat Roofs

A flat roof is seldom flat; in fact they have a fall of around 1 in 60 to allow for water to run off, this is obviously very important. Flat roofed garden offices look very modern and as we have mentioned above are normally less than 2.5m high so they can be situated near to the boundary of your garden (subject to planning law in your area). A flat roof garden office has an internal ceiling height of around 2.2m which makes it the same height as a room in a modern house.

Single Pitched Roofs

Single pitched also known as mono pitched or sloping roofed garden offices offer a little more headroom than a flat roofed garden office, to fit in with Planning Permission rules single pitched roofs can’t be higher than 2.5m at the eaves and 3m at the ridge.

Gable Roofs

Gable roof or dual pitched roofs offer a garden office with an airy feel, to comply with Planning Permission Permitted Development rules a dual pitched roof should be no higher than 2.5m at the eaves and 4m at the ridge of the roof. Gable roofs offer maximum headroom, if you want an open cathedral like ceiling be careful to check that your supplier doesn’t use trusses which will divide the space. Some suppliers use a shallower pitch than others which obviously creates a lower roof, if you want a high vaulted ceiling look, look for a pitch around 30 degrees.

Hipped Roofs

Hipped roofs have four sides and can look really attractive, they are complicated to frame so you’ll probably only find them on the more expensive garden offices, inside they create a light and airy feel but check with your supplier if there will be any horizontal timbers which may divided up the roof space. You should be aware than some garden offices with hipped roofs don’t have the roof space open as the suppliers install a ceiling.

Unusual Shapes

Garden offices with verandas can create unusual shaped rooms, in the image above the roof extends over the veranda and this creates an unusual roof space, you could continue the wall up to meet the ceiling or make a feature out of the shape and use it for storage.

The shape of roof you choose will dictate the roof covering you choose for your garden office, in the next part of this guide we will look at roof covering options.

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