Garden Office Guide: Paperwork


When buying a garden office you are entering into a legally binding contract and your supplier will give you quite a lot of paperwork, this might include:

Written Quotation

You want a written quotation for all work to be undertaken and detailing the size and specification of your garden office. Make sure you have a quotation rather than an estimate as a quote is a fixed price whilst with an estimate figures are open to change.


You should have a detailed specification detailing the materials and how your garden office is built.

Payment Schedule

Most garden offices are paid for in stages and your supplier should give you a schedule of the dates when payments are due and how much will be required; this will also inform you of the ways of paying.


You will sign a contract agreeing to your chosen supplier providing you with a garden office, your supplier should give you a signed copy of this for your records, the company’s terms and conditions normally accompany the contract and you should take time to read them carefully. You will normally pay a deposit as part of signing the contract.

Terms & Conditions

The terms and conditions of sale are very important and you should take time to read them carefully, if there is a problem a supplier will stand by them – some suppliers are known to rigorously enforce them! Pay particular attention to delivery clauses – some suppliers say that the customer has to have someone available to help unload the lorry! Other clauses to keep an eye on include reporting damaged materials – some say if you don’t tell the delivery driver before he leaves site it’s too late!

Delivery Note

Some suppliers ask you to sign a delivery note to say you have received the goods and that they are all in good order. If this is the case take the time to check the materials – a big job we know, but once you have signed this note it may be too late to report damaged materials.

Snagging Lists

Not every supplier will issue with this type of form so you may want to make one yourself. At the end of your project, before the workers leave site go around your garden office with the specification and plans and check everything you ordered is there, and that it is all finished to the standard you expected, if it’s not make a note of the problem and take a photo then talk to your supplier and give them the opportunity to rectify the problem before they leave site.

Signing Off

Your supplier may ask you to sign to say that you are happy with the building and the work done, we suggest you go around the building with a snagging list as described above – hopefully it will remain a blank sheet, before signing this form. Once you have signed this form the final payment becomes due.

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