Garden Office Guide: Guarantees


Most garden offices come with a guarantee; we’d be suspicious of those that don’t! The type of guarantee can vary from supplier to supplier.

Guarantee On Materials

Some garden office guarantees consist of the manufactures warranties on the different materials used in the garden office, for instance the roof covering may come with a 20 year manufactures warranty and the windows may have a 15 year manufacturers warranty – this is reassuring if a material fails but what about workmanship?

Installation Warranty

In general garden offices are very well built but sometimes problems occur due to poor workmanship – problems could include badly fitting doors, a loose piece of cladding or a leaking gutter, these problems wouldn’t be covered by a material or components manufactures warranty as the problem arose because of poor installation rather than component breakdown. You should check with your garden office supplier how this type of problem is guaranteed and for how long. Will your supplier return to rectify problems personally or will they engage a local tradesman. You may be told that they have never needed to rectify such a problem as their garden offices are so well built, this is obviously reassuring but it would be good to know they have a procedure in place.

How Long Is The Cover

Most garden office companies clearly state how long their warranty lasts, our research has shown anything from 12 months to 10 years is common. It’s worth noting that a new house has a 10 year guarantee, so 10 years on a garden office is very good.

Insurance Backed Guarantees

Some garden office suppliers offer a insurance backed guarantee on their offices, this offers the consumer additional peace of mind because in the unlikely event that your supplier goes out of business during the period of your guarantee all repairs will still be covered under the insurance policy. Most insurance policies are covered by the Consumer Protection Association who vet the companies they insure to ensure high levels of workmanship which is good in itself.

Are Guarantees Free

You may have noticed in our Q&A session with the garden office suppliers we have asked if guarantees are free, we ask because in some cases where an insurance backed guarantee is offered, the customer has to pay the premium for the policy.

As we say garden offices are generally very well built, but a guarantee will offer you long term peace of mind on what is a very significant investment.

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