Garden office buildings

More than 60% of garden rooms sold each year are used as garden office buildings and create the perfect environment for working from home or running a business because a garden office building creates a professional work environment with all the convenience of working from home.

Garden rooms used as garden office buildings are built like timber frame houses and feature many of the same materials and building techniques as timber frame houses and are built to last like a house, some people call garden office buildings posh sheds but in reality a garden office building is as far removed from the garden shed as it is possible to get!

Garden office buildings are fully insulated so they are warm to use in winter but cool in summer, quality garden office buildings also feature membranes in their structure to allow the garden office to breath, letting moisture escape from within the building while preventing moisture entering the building, this makes for a dry, damp free garden office which is an important consideration when you are storing electrical equipment and paperwork in the building.

The vast majority of garden office buildings come per wired electrically, what’s included in the electrical pack varies from supplier to supplier but most include a consumer unit, lighting and power points, other suppliers include outside lighting, data cabling, burglar and smoke alarms. You should be aware that the connection of garden office buildings electrics to the mains supply is normally an extra cost on top of the actual building cost.

As well as being a professional workspace, comfortable to use and wired for power, garden office buildings are also incredibly quick to install, garden office buildings are normally delivered to site as flat pack modular panels which can be assembled in a matter of hours and fully completed in around a week, this is significantly quicker than other types of home extension.

Please explore this site for lots of information on buying and using a garden office building.