Garden library and office building

Booths Garden Studios recently built a large garden room for a client who was looking to create a library for their extensive collection of books and a home office. Their customer does not have a large garden, but the positioning of this building maximises the space available without dominating the garden.

Garden room library

Booth’s customer Liz opted for a building from the cost effective QCB range. Working with the Booths team, a long narrow building was decided upon to maximise the space. The building sits on a footprint of 6.1 meters by 2.44 meters, creating a total footprint of 14.88 square meters. This is the biggest garden room Liz could build without having to apply for Building Regulations. This meant that the room could be sited within a 1 meter of the boundary without Building Control approval. Had the room been over 15sqm, Liz would have needed to choose a room from Booths Garden Studios QC6 or QC7 ranges which are both Building Regulation compliant, but more expensive than the QCB range.

Long narrow garden room

The front wall of the garden room is made-up from floor to ceiling glazed panels and a glazed door. Booths Garden Studios offer blinds for their windows which allow you to easily control the light entering the room, an important consideration when you have such a large expanse of glass.

The QCB garden room is insulated in the floor, walls and roof. This is coupled with house quality doors and windows which are double glazed so that the room can be comfortably used all year round. Liz can be assured her books will remain safe and dry, just as if they were stored in her house.

Garden office & library

As you can see, bookshelves slot well into the QCB garden room, Liz has created many meters of shelving and must be storing hundreds of books in this library. She has also created a nice desk area facing the windows and looking out on to her garden.

This substantial garden room cost a modest £14,500. This price includes the foundation and installation.

To learn more about the QCB range or creating a home library talk to the Booths Garden Studios team 07590 067 120 or take a look at their website to explore their buildings further.

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