Garden Haze – A Modern Igloo keeps UK working

Modern Igloo by Garden Haze!

A Modern Igloo keeps UK working

The struggle to work through the recent snow has affected many businesses with the Forum of Private Business estimating the cost to the economy could be as high as £230million.  When this is added to the cost to individuals of over £2,000/ year for an average commute of 45 minutes per day, it is easy to see why there is a growing number turning to home working options.

Doncaster business, Garden Haze, is leading the way in this modern working revolution with their unique range of fully equipped garden offices.  Founding partner Kevin Wheatley says,

“There are more than 2.5 million home based businesses in the UK, with over half of these turning over in excess of £50,000 per year.  Many professional people are finding they can work with greater efficiency from home thanks to modern communications technology.  These people do not work out of sheds or on kitchen tables; they are increasingly using our high tech stand alone buildings to create a genuine alternative work place in their own garden”.

The figures reflect this move with the market for garden rooms in the UK exceeding £130 million in 2007 and predicted to rise beyond 2012.  Kevin says,

“It is easy to understand the growing shift towards home working.  Economically it makes sense to cut spending on high rent and rates, motor and travel expenses and lost productivity.  It adds 3 – 5% to the value of a home too.  Socially it reduces stress, road rage and allows for productive flexible working around the needs and responsibilities of family life.  Environmentally it reduces CO2 emissions and energy consumption and in the case of our own buildings is 90% recyclable”.

With businesses feeling the full force of the winter freeze and continuing chilly economic predictions, it looks as though the 16% rise in home based enterprises is set to continue.

Kevin Wheatley,

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“Garden Rooms and Buildings Market UK 2008 – 2012”

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