Garden gym with cassette toilet

Executive Garden Rooms have recently completed a rather nice home gym building that has the added convenience of a cloakroom with cassette toilet.

Many garden room buyers are looking to incorporate a toilet into their building so that the room is independent of the main house. The thing is, it is not always easy or cost effective to connect a toilet up to the mains water and sewerage supplies. Luckily there are other options, such as cassette toilet systems, that can be installed without the need for extensive groundworks thus keeping costs to a minimum.

Light an airy garden gym building

Executive Garden Rooms have installed a cassette toilet with integrated tank and ceramic basin into the cloakroom. This type of toilet is commonly used in caravans and motorhomes. The system has indicators that tell you when the toilet cassette needs emptying and you will need to top up the chemicals as per the manufacturer’s instructions. So, a bit of maintenance is needed on your part, but it is a clever way to incorporate a toilet into a garden room building.

Cassette toilet in a garden gym buildings

The cloakroom that Executive Garden Rooms have built in this home gym is very discreet. It sits in one corner of the room with the door set at an angle, so takes up minimal space in the room. If you look closely at the wall, you can see the door for accessing the toilet cassette unit.

The cloakroom takes up minimal space in the garden room

This garden gym sits on a footprint of 6.5 meters by 4.8 meters, so is a substantial sized building. French doors with floor to ceiling side-light windows have created a large expanse of glazing on the front elevation. This glazing will not only flood the gym with natural light but allows great views of the garden as the owner’s workout. A clever wall of mirrors reflects this glazed wall and the view beyond, making the room seem even bigger.

An electronic Velux roof light has been fitted in the ceiling which offers even more natural light. The window is fitted with a remote control for easy use and has rain sensors, so will shut itself when the rain starts to fall.

A large section of glazing has been arranged on the front wall

Cladding that will maintain its colour and appearance throughout the years

Executive Garden Rooms prefer to use Cedral cladding on the exterior of their garden rooms. Cedral is a cement based cladding that comes pre-coloured and has a fire rating of 0, meaning that it is Building Regulation compliant. Another key benefit is that the building will maintain its look without the need for maintenance. This means the garden gym will still look like new in 10+ years time.

The Executive Garden Rooms team have listened to customers who have chosen Cedar cladding for their garden room, only to be disappointed that in a couple of years the building has changed appearance to a silver grey colour and looks aged. Cedral cladding overcomes this and comes in a wide palette of colours to choose from.

3-layer torch-on roof

Because Executive Garden Rooms build their rooms from scratch on site using a substantial traditional timber frame system, their structure can take the weight of a 3-layer torch-on bitumen roof system. They are one of only a few garden room suppliers who use this long-established roofing covering system.

Well specified electric package

This garden gym has a well specified electrical system. The package includes LED downlight recessed into the ceiling, an external security light, smoke detectors and Cat6 data cabling which offers reliable internet connections.

An air conditioning unit was installed to both cool and heat the room. More and more buyers are specifying air conditioning for easy control of the temperature in their garden room. Executive Garden Rooms tell us the system they use is much more efficient to run than underfloor heating – another popular option with buyers.

If you would like to learn more about this well specified, versatile garden gym, talk to the Executive Garden Rooms team on 01202 874 766 or take a look at their website.

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