Five ways to enjoy Atelier garden rooms in the summer

Atelier share some ideas on how a garden room can enhance your summer!

With summer finally upon us, garden rooms are being utilised for relaxation and entertainment in gardens everywhere. So for those homeowners still considering whether or not to purchase a garden room, Atelier highlights five ways to enjoy garden rooms in the summer…

1. Children’s play rooms

With the summer holidays just around the corner, garden rooms can be used to keep the kids active during their summer break. Garden rooms are great for keeping kids out of the house, away from the television or games console, and occupied in the fresh air. Atelier’s garden rooms come with folding sliding doors that can be opened fully to allow children to use garden rooms as a ‘den’ for all their fun-filled activities.

2. Relaxing retreats

Garden rooms are perfect for unwinding at the bottom of the garden. As fully working living areas, Atelier’s garden rooms can be used as a ‘home from home’ on days when you want to get away from it all but actually don’t want to travel. From morning until night garden rooms can act as tranquil spots to relax and leave worries behind.

3. Spa space

From simply being a perfect place to relax, garden rooms can be utilised even further as spa rooms, saunas and steam rooms. With connection to both electricity and water mains, and a highly complementary timber frame, garden rooms can easily be adapted to take relaxation that one step further.

4. Great gyms

Atelier’s garden rooms are highly durable, and with a timber lifespan of up to 60 years they can provide a lifetime of exercise if utilised as a gym. What better way can there be to enjoy the comforts of a home gym, than in garden rooms designed by Atelier?

5. Party pads

Garden rooms can act as the vibrant centre for entertaining friends during warm summer nights. Atelier’s garden rooms can be equipped with a full working kitchen if required, meaning that guests will never be without food when out in the garden. Similarly, with our garden rooms being fully linked to the electricity mains, they make a great place to cool drinks in the fridge or plug in musical entertainment. One word of warning though: don’t forget to invite the neighbours. They won’t want to miss out on the fabulous hospitality!

Inspired? Take a look at the Atelier website for more information about these unique garden rooms.

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