Five Stunning Examples of Using Furniture in the Garden

With better weather on the way soon (hopefully!), it’s time to start thinking about getting your garden furniture sorted for those hazy summer evenings. You may find that you’re a little apprehensive about buying garden furniture. It can be an expensive investment and you may not trust your own sense of style to pull off something aesthetically pleasing and comfortable.

Fear not! Furniture in the garden can be simple to install and look stylish. Decking your garden out with furniture isn’t easy, but all it takes is a little know-how and inspiration from the right places. All you have to do is first find something that you like then tailor it to achieve the effect you want it to have on visitors to your garden.

The beach patio

A beach patio is more or less a dead cert if you happen to live in a beachfront house. If you don’t live by the beach (and like the vast majority of people, this is likely) you can still replicate the style of a beach patio – a 1960s-style one to be precise.

Sixties patio furniture has the unique advantage of still looking modern without being overly stark or sleek, like a lot of said era’s furniture did. This type of furniture is particularly advantageous if you don’t have a lot of space to work with, as most patio-style furniture is quite compact.


Refashioning pallets for your garden

Wood pallets are used in the shipping industry, typically as a low-cost commodity and used only a few times before they are recycled, trashed or used as firewood. Given their short lifespan, they are usually made from inexpensive varieties of lumber, which make them ideal for re-fashioning into just about anything you want.

It doesn’t just stop at furniture when it comes to refashioning pallets. In the garden, you could stand them up to grow vines on them, you could use them as plant boxes or even make a massive pallet-table for outdoor wine and cheese sessions in the warmer months.


 Installing a canvas

If you live in the UK, installing a permanent structure that acts as shelter is probably not a good idea. With the seasonal changes, the shelter you’ve installed may become weathered too soon. Fortunately, there are creative ways around having a free standing shelter installed.

Shade sails and canopies look great and they offer adequate shelter from the sun and rain. It’s a good idea to get some professional advice and assistance in setting your canopy up: you don’t want your party erupting into chaos as the canvas whips off against someone. It’s best to get sails with release-hooks so you can shut it down swiftly if it gets too windy.


Get a massive umbrella!

Nothing complements your backyard hangout spot like a big old-fashioned garden parasol. You could either go for a large, cantilevered one that will provide adequate cover and shelter for multiple visitors, or you could go for a smaller sized umbrella for more compact, intimate tables.

As for the fabrics you can choose, there are a wide variety of options. If you’re going for the beach patio look described above, go for bold, colourful stripes that will lend your backyard the classic beach hut look. On the other hand, if you have a colourful garden with lots of flowers, try block colours in citrus to complement the shades of your garden. Feel free to play around!


Let there be light

The mood at your outdoor party can be dampened if there’s inadequate lighting. For relaxed ambience, good lighting is absolutely essential: don’t even think about inviting people over unless you’ve installed some kind of lighting solution for your garden. You can achieve this stylishly by using a combination of permanent fixtures as well as portable ones.

Ground-level uplighters that can be sunk into the soil are a good way of lighting your space from the ground up. Combine this with other lights that can hang onto the walls of your garden, so you have light coming from both angles. Storm lantern, solar lights or fishing lights are great for this purpose: experiment and see what works the best for you.


Designing the perfect garden can take a lot of time, with the desired result being achieved mostly through trial and error. You may find that one look won’t work in certain seasons. The trick is to remain flexible and be fluid with changing things. If you stick to this rule, you’ll find that you won’t have a shortage of guests and visitors any time soon.

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