Extra Rooms & Storage Too!

Continuing our series looking at garden rooms with integral stores, we chat with Extra Rooms. Extra Rooms are bespoke garden room designers, and it great to see in this gallery that garden rooms with integral storage rooms can be both flat roof contemporary buildings and softer pitched roof designs.

What are the benefits of buying a garden room with integral store?

It saves a hotch-potch of different buildings cluttering the garden as is also more secure and almost invisible so not only does nobody see it but burglars cannot get in easily and do not know it is there.

Will the finished building look like a shed or will it be built to the same specification as a standalone garden rooms?

They are always matched to the main building.

Can customers have all the design features available in standalone garden rooms in this type of building?   

Of course

What sort of price are customers looking at for a multifunction building? What size building would this produce?

Whatever sizes they want to have or need to have but often they compare it with their shed size at first but forget that these are higher and can take shelving more easily so therefore store more per sq ft of floor area so we tell the customer not to let the tail wag the dog so to speak and take off more of their main office area than they need to. Cost is about the same as the studio as it shares the foundations, the roof and floor the back wall and the front wall, another dividing wall has to be built and a secure secret door clad to match the main studio so there is more work in them than a cheap shed but they look and are properly integrated into one harmonious building

What other things should buyers think about when buying a garden room with integral store?

They need not go the whole depth of the building especially for a studio more then 8ft deep and then this offers the extra possibility of having an alcove in one corner of the main room which can be used for either storage inside or to stand filing cabinets without protruding into the main room.

For more information on Extra Rooms work visit their informative website.

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