Explore Vivid Green garden rooms

Vivid Green was one of the first firms we featured on The Garden Room Guide when we launched back in 2009. We haven’t featured them much in recent years, but they have been busy designing and building garden rooms, so we are pleased to rediscover them now.

Vivid Green has recently launched a new look website to showcase their work; it is well worth a look as you research your garden room options.

Vivid Green garden rooms

The website is full of different images of Vivid Green’s garden rooms; you will see there are designs large and small and everything in between. Their buildings are used for work and play and in a commercial setting too. Interestingly, they also offer extensions attached to your house as well as standalone garden rooms.

Key sections of the site to explore

Once you have got a feel for the style of Vivid Green’s work, we suggest you take a look at the structure section. This page explains the build-up of the core structure of a Vivid Green garden room. You will see that the rooms are built of a SIP’s – Structural Insulated Panel system. This is a highly insulated building system which envelopes the whole structure in insulation, eliminating cold spots in the structure.

Explore the structure of a Vivid Green garden room

The roof of a Vivid Green garden room is finished with the popular EPDM covering. EPDM is fitted in one piece which eliminates any joints which could potentially leak. This means that EPDM roofs have a long, maintenance free lifespan.

Vivid Green have a palette of finishes you can choose from for the external finish of the walls. Western Red Cedar is a very popular option with customers, but you might prefer to pick from the palette of pre-coloured silicon renders or coloured aluminium panels.

When it comes to the doors and windows, you can choose from uPVC or powder coated aluminium finishes, both available in your choice of colour. You can choose from French doors, sliding doors and bi-fold doors which can be pushed to one side to open up a whole wall.

A wide range of doors & windows to choose from

See how much a Vivid Green garden room might cost

Another key area of the website to explore is the pricing section. Vivid Green has a list of different size and styles of garden room which they offer an example price on. These prices are a good starting point for what your building might cost.

Explore Vivid Green prices

Take a look at the new look website, once you have a feel for Vivid Green’s work you might like to book a free site visit to learn more. If you have questions, give the Vivid Green team a call on 0800 051 8366, and they will be happy to answer them.

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