Executive Garden Rooms Customer Feedback

Executive Garden Rooms recently completed a garden office project and asked the customer for some feedback on why they chose them, and how the build went:

Executive Garden Rooms have recently built a garden office in Stanmore, Greater London for clients looking to create extra space in their home by freeing up one of the bedrooms which was being used as an office.

The new garden office was the perfect solution, it is important to separate your domestic life from your work, by creating both mental and physical boundaries.

EGR’s asked the clients some questions at the end of the project :-

Were you satisfied with the overall service provided?

Indeed we were very satisfied with the overall service provided by Executive Garden Rooms.

What made you choose Executive Garden Rooms?

First impressions – both in the way Alison dealt with our initial enquiries and the first meeting with Ben, resulting in our confidence and trust.  This was so important to us since we were investing a lot of our hard-earned money in building a garden room.

We never felt the same with any of the other 3 suppliers of garden rooms.

Nothing seemed an issue to Ben / Alison; always very accommodating with our requirements, including the ‘smallest’ of issues / tasks.

Ben – owner/director of the business would be on-site for the entire project – equally vital to our decision making in selecting EGR’s.  This is virtually rare!

They provide a full complete ‘one-stop’ service – from clearing the garden / removing the shed and tree / connecting the electrics / connecting phone lines  and internet – all others expected the garden to be cleared prior to start of works and would not connect the electrics / phones.

Additionally, we had decided that having a concrete base was the only option we will consider – none of the other three suppliers offered this as an alternative.

The project would take 3-4 weeks to complete, unlike other companies build would be completed within one week!

The build with EGR’s was more flexible – for certain matters these could be decided as the garden room was being built – there was very little flexibility with other companies.

Are you happy with you garden room design and quality of build, type of materials used?

Yes without doubt.  The only change we would make is to opt for UPVC windows and doors instead of wood.

Does your garden office fulfil its intended use?

Absolutely without doubt.  We have an incredible amount of space in the garden office.  Furthermore, having an office just a few metres away from home allows work to be differentiated from home life, unlike the previous 9 years!  Additionally, the garden office has allowed us to re-gain home space.

If you could give a prospective customer a piece of advice what would it be?

Select a supplier who will fulfill your requirements 100% and not a supplier who influences to fulfil their requirements, except where the supplier will enhance for the better what you set out to do.


First impressions are incredibly vital; the manner in which Alison dealt with our initial enquiries and the first meeting with Ben gave us total confidence and trust to work with Executive Garden Rooms for our garden office.

Ben and Alison were always very accommodating with our requirements, even with the smallest of issues.

We are so impressed with our garden office and incredibly happy with the amount of space we have in the office and the space regained in our home.

Impressive review, and a very useful one giving insight into why this client chose Executive Garden Rooms, if you would like a similar experience contact Executive Garden Rooms via their website.

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