Energy Space – Truly Green Garden Studios

There are a few garden studio suppliers who build eco friendly garden studios but no other supplier goes to the lengths of Energy Space in creating a carbon neutral garden studio, and what’s more no other supplier offers as many energy efficient options in their standard specification.

So, what’s the difference between an eco and carbon neutral garden studio? An eco garden studio is built using environmentally friendly materials, are well insulated – so energy efficient to warm in winter and cool in summer, and at the end of their useful life materials can be recycled. A carbon neutral garden studio goes further than this and is designed so it doesn’t produce any carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions over its lifetime, this is only achievable if the garden studio is able to generate its own energy (e.g. using solar panels) which offsets the carbon dioxide generated in using the studio i.e. the garden studio generates sufficient electricity needed to heat and light the studio and run computers etc.

Energy Space is managed by Aaron Priestman who holds an MSc in Environmental Architecture. Aaron combines his knowledge of design with an ambition to improve upon the current UK energy performance standards. Energy Space offer two standard ranges of garden studio and a bespoke design service.

The L Range is available in three styles – the contemporary mono pitched ‘L’, the ‘L low’ which is the same as the ‘L’ but under 2.5m in height meaning it can be sited within 2m of the boundary line, and the ‘L duo’ which features a pitched roof and featured glazed gable wall.

All models in the L Range run on a ‘trickle’ of energy and are super insulated, totally draught sealed and have mechanical ventilation and heat recovery systems. The L Range features full length folding doors which are glazed with low E double glazed units. The energy efficient features continue with low energy lighting and healthy, natural paint finishes.

The Z range features all the energy efficiency of the L Range but is designed to be a ‘clean power plant’ with integrated solar panels which generate the garden studios power. The Z10 range can even earn you money by generating income via the governments Feed in Tariff.

Prices start at £14,950 including VAT for a 3m x 2.4m ‘L’ range studio which includes delivery and full installation which includes the garden studio foundations which are the eco friendly Swift Plinth System which uses a fraction of the concrete that other types of foundation use and are recyclable at the end of their life.

Energy Space offers a complete turnkey service from initial site visit through to connection of the electrics.

For further information on these self sufficient garden studios visit the Energy Space website which has lots of information on the carbon neutral garden studio concept.

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