Elements a quality garden room will include

With around 100 companies selling garden rooms in the UK it can be daunting to decide which design and specification is right for you.

Some buyers think that spending more means you are getting a ‘better’ garden room. In reality, spending more means you will get a more tailored design and access to more design features.

Whatever your budget, a garden room should include some key elements for it to be successful in the long term. The key elements we suggest you ensure are present in the makeup of your garden room are:

Sturdy core structure – the structural integrity of a garden room is based on its core structure. Choosing a system that has good size timbers placed close together and strengthened with structural boarding is essential.

Insulation – you want to ensure that your room is insulated in the floor, walls and roof. It seems obvious to say, but not all buildings sold as garden rooms feature insulation in all three elements.

Double glazing – double glazing should go hand in hand with a well-insulated building. Most garden rooms incorporate house quality doors and windows which feature double glazed units, but there are a few cabin style rooms available which only feature single glazing.

Membranes – it’s important that a garden room features a breather membrane as it controls the movement of moisture into the core structure of the building – it’s a really important element! You will also want to ask your supplier about a vapour membrane which controls condensation. Some insulations don’t require an additional membrane; others do so ask your supplier how the system they use works.

Durable exterior – your new room should last for decades, and ideally, you will want it to be as low maintenance as possible. Choose a design with durable cladding and a roof covering with a long life span. Choosing a room with UPVC or aluminium windows will also help.

Electrics – 95% of all garden rooms come pre-wired with sockets and lighting this makes the room versatile in its possible use.

Heating – our experience tells us that a heater of some form is a must in a garden room so you can control the temperature on the coldest days of the year. Not all suppliers include one as standard, but we believe it’s an essential element.

Whatever your budget and design features you choose, if you find a garden room that features these key elements you will be buying a garden room that will serve you well for many years.

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