eDEN come to the rescue

A few months ago we were approached by a garden room owner who was having problems with the roof of her building, but her supplier wouldn’t return to rectify the problem (Note, we don’t feature the supplier on this site). We were shocked by this as generally the garden room industry is made up of reputable and conscientious professionals, who remain very loyal to their customers and the rooms they have built. To try and help we emailed our industry contacts asking if anyone could help the owner out.

eDEN Garden Rooms responded to our call and went to assess the problem, we have recently heard that they have resolved the issues for the customer, and she is clearly impressed by the service she received judging by this testimonial:

I just wanted to say what a marvel Nigel is. I am very impressed with his work ethic, his manner, his craftsmanship and attention to detail. Even when he popped out to get wood, he asked if I wanted to lock the gate behind him, which is great as it shows he understands the security issues we have had here! This is quite refreshing for us after previous experiences.

We feel sure the suppliers we feature on this site are reputable, but its refreshing to know if there is ever a problem members of the industry in general will come to the rescue!

Whilst most garden room builds are problem free, it’s good practice to ask your supplier what their aftercare practice is before you place an order, choose a supplier who makes you feel confident they will fix any problems and consider companies that offer insurance backed warranties, these give you backup even if the supplier goes out of business.

We’re impressed with eDEN Garden Room’s response, if you are too talk to them about their range of garden rooms by calling them on 0800 0935 339 or visit their website.


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