Doors, a sticky situation

Its rained a lot recently, hasn’t it? And, because of it here at Garden Room HQ we have developed a condition called Sticky Door Syndrome! So, we thought it was an appropriate time to mention this, as it can effect some garden room owners!

The condition only occurs in those who have timber doors on their garden room, and this is one of the main reasons the majority of garden room designers have moved away from timber doors and use UPVC or Aluminum clad doors in their designs.

Garden Room Doors

But, timber doors look great and blend seamlessly with garden room cladding which is why they remain popular with buyers. Wood being a natural material is vulnerable to seasonal weather and its not uncommon form them to swell in winter and feel a little loose fitting in the summer because they have shrunk!

One way to limit this problem is to choose a hardwood door, although more expensive than their softwood counterparts, hardwoods are much more dimensionally stable so are not effected by seasonal change – having said that its a quality hardwood door that has swollen here at Garden Room HQ and we are having to throw ourselves at it to get it closed and then struggle to open it!

Garden room suppliers who use timber doors are aware that this could be a problem and most companies offer a free door adjustment service, where they will return to site, assess the problem and adjust the door, perhaps plane the edge of the door so it fits correctly again, this needs to be done by an expert as you don’t want the opposite problem in the hotter months, do you?

Its a good idea to check that this service is on offer from your chosen supplier, and if there are any fees involved, do this at the time of ordering to avoid confusion.

So whilst Sticky Door Syndrome is a tedious condition, its easily cured by garden room professionals and can be avoided completely by choosing UPVC or Aluminum clad doors for your garden room!


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