Don’t let an awkward site stop you having a garden room

If you have a sloping site you may think that a garden room is out of the question, think again, with suitable foundations a garden room can be built on any site.

A concrete slab can be cast into a slope but will only ever be an ugly addition to your garden which is difficult to disguise – this is because to get a level on a slope, a deep concrete slab has to be poured which will be visible sticking out from the earth.

The other option is a stilted foundation which takes the slope into account using longer posts at the front of the site and smaller ones at the top. These silts / posts can be made from various materials such as oak, concrete or steel and they should go down into the ground at least 1000mm and be spaced not more than 1000mm apart. Once all the posts have been set in concrete and ‘gone off’ a treated framework grid, braces all the posts together and forms a sub base for the garden room. Steps up to this deck can easily be incorporated into the garden room design.

When taking measurements to see if planning permission is required the measurement is taken from the highest point of ground immediately adjacent to the garden room, so if the garden room is installed on a slope the measurement point is taken from the top of the slope immediately next to the garden room.

This type of foundation can be used in other circumstances, for example I have designed garden rooms that partly hang over water – the front stilts in the water.

For the best garden room manufacturers an awkward site won’t be an obstacle to installing a garden room.

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