Don’t do your garden room project on the cheap!

Buying a garden room is one of the most significant purchases you will make and in these stretched economic times it is tempting to opt for the cheapest version of a product, but if we can offer you one piece of advice it would be not to go for the cheapest option but the garden room that will offer you the best long term solution for your needs.

A garden room is a significant investment rather like a car, and like cars come in many specifications and levels of prestige – we’re not saying you should go out and by the garden room equivalent of a Porsche but you should think before buying a tin can on wheels!

Many people are looking for the best deal and a simple Google search will throw up 3m x 3m garden rooms for just over £3,000 and whilst these are okay garden buildings they are not really suitable for the year round use and performance that buyers are expecting from a garden room.

A 3m x 3m garden room for just over £3k is very tempting, it’s a good size building, a useable space, its specification says it has  insulation, double glazing and 19mm thick floorboards but it’s not so much what this garden room has but what it doesn’t have!

If you are looking for a garden room that is truly useable all year round you should be looking at garden rooms which feature breather membranes in their structure, you should be looking at buildings that feature insulation in the floor, walls and roof which matches the performance of modern housing, doors and windows that are house quality with standard double glazing as a minimum but with options for Low E or Argon filled glazing and insurance approved locks. You will want lighting and power in your garden room – a minor detail these cheaper garden rooms over look, and a heating source for colder days, we could go on…!

For £3,000 you are getting the bare bones when it comes to external cladding – spruce – a non durable cladding that will need a protective coating as soon as it arrives and every couple of years thereafter, compare this with cedar cladding or metal claddings on more expensive builds which require no ongoing maintenance. The same spruce cladding is used inside so you will probably need to decorate unless you like the sauna look.

Another major component that is missing from the £3k garden room is professional installation, they charge extra for this, whilst a competent DIYer can put up a garden room, its far quicker and less hassle if you let the experts do the job. Customer service is another missing element of the specification – once your order is taken that’s their job done, whereas with a more expensive garden room you are guided through every aspect of the build and you have aftercare backup.

When you see what’s missing from the £3,000 garden room does it still seem such a good buy? How much more should you expect to pay for a garden room that is useable all year round?

If you are planning your garden room project you should allow a budget of at least £7,000 for a 9sqm building, adding an extra £1,000 for the connection of the electrics to the houses mains supply.

A £3,000 garden room may seem a bargain today but it will cost you a lot more in the long run, both financially and in maintenance terms and may not fulfil your year round useage needs – not such a bargain after all!

Check out our suppliers review section for a host of companies which offer quality garden rooms suitable for year round use.

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