Does a garden room add value to a house?

This is a question we are regularly asked, after all a garden room is a significant investment and in addition to all the lifestyle benefits they offer we all want to think we are improving and investing in our property.

Well known TV architect George Clarke has recently written an article in the Guardian newspaper about adding value to your house.


George advises that adding extra living space is a key way to add value to your property and he suggests a ‘glamorous garden shed’ as a way of achieving this. Here is what he says:

Adding value, on the other hand, is all about adding space. Loft conversions are just one idea: extensions, garage conversions, conservatories and even a studio or glamorous garden shed at the bottom of the garden will all provide extra rooms in your house (albeit a garden room in some cases). They’re going to cost you money, but they are also going to increase the asking price of your home.

We’re not so keen on the ‘glamorous garden shed’ description because the garden rooms we feature on this site are much more than a garden shed – they are more like small houses. But, we do agree with George that adding extra living space is a great way of adding value to your house.

Over the years many estate agents have told us that a quality garden room building will add between 5 and 15% to the value of your house. This is obviously a significant figure!

Its interesting to note that in a recent series of his hit show Amazing Spaces George Clarke designed a garden room in his own garden.

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