Do you feel you need more space?

Do you need more space?

Do you need more space?

Has your house been bursting at the seams this Christmas? Could you have done with an extra room for the relatives, a games room for the children or just a place to hide from all the madness? Well there is a hassle free solution to your problems – a garden room.

Garden rooms offer homeowners greater flexibility than a traditional brick built extension, and have the advantage of being set apart from the hustle and bustle of the main house. Garden rooms are not just glorified sheds, they are built like timber framed houses so are suitable for year round use.

A garden room can be a simple one room dwelling or a more sophisticated self contained unit with shower room and kitchen facilities – ideal for putting up relatives! In many instances a garden room does not require planning permission and can be fully installed in your garden within 12 weeks of ordering.

Unlike a traditional home extension, a garden room is quick to build, onsite time is typically one week but some companies can fully install a garden room in just one day! Garden rooms are also more cost effective than traditional extensions; a brick built room will cost you in the region of £1,500 per m2 whilst an average price for garden room is nearer £1,200 per m2.

Garden rooms are built to a higher specification than a brick built extension, insulation values often exceed those set out in the Building Regulations and design features such as bi-fold doors come as standard on many models. A garden room is also more environmentally friendly than a brick built extension with the materials used needing less energy for their production and are then recyclable at the end of their life.

A well designed garden room will add value to your house when you come to sell, but you can also take your garden room with you when you move! It’s not as logistically difficult as it sounds, if you say to your supplier when you order your garden room that you want the option of being able to move it at a later date they will factor this into the build. Many suppliers are using pad foundations so when the building is removed from the garden there is no ugly base for the new occupiers to disguise.

So, if your wish for next Christmas is to have more space, consider a garden room, explore our website for information on the best garden rooms on the market.

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