Design your own Rapod

We’ve been following the build up to launch of the RAPOD range of garden rooms. The range was finally launched earlier this month at Grand Designs Live, where we hear it was a popular exhibit with visitors to the show.

The RAPOD building at Grand Designs Live

The RAPOD building at Grand Designs Live

To coincide with the launch of the range, RAPOD have also launched a new website which incorporates an interactive garden room builder, allowing you to design your own garden room in a few easy steps.

We have had a go at designing a garden room to show you how simple the system is:



The first stage tells you what is included as standard.


By selecting what you plan to use the garden room for, you get a useful list of extras specific to that use, for example we have selected an office use and RAPOD have suggested high sockets, usb sockets and improved security.

design-your-own-rapod-4Next you are asked to choose a size of building, there are a wide range of sizes from the small to very large.


The next stage is to choose you windows and doors, you simply drag and drop the window style you like (the triangle on the window indicates the direction of the opening).

Spin the building around to place windows or doors on the other elevations of the building.


Now you have the chance to choose you exterior cladding, you not only have a choice of material but also what patten you want it fixed in. Again you just drag and drop – we guess you could mix and match if thats what you fancy!


The next decision is what finish you want on the steel roof, you have choices from subtle greys to brighter blues.


Now we move inside the garden room, first off we are asked to choose the floor covering, again there is a lot of choice.

design-your-own-rapod-9Next we are asked to choose a wall finish. RAPOD offer a deco board which can be painted or a number of pre finished panels.


The final stage allows you to select any extras you want, again you just drag and drop the elements, we chose blinds, ceiling speakers, a deck area and telephone socket.

The next page gives you a price – well in our case it said price was not available, it looks like you have to create an account to retrieve a list of selections and the price.

The RAPOD configurator is certainly a good way of getting a feel for the options you can design into a garden room, we haven’t seen a system that offers quite so many finish options, its just a little disappointing that it didn’t give us an indication of price, perhaps our selections were too complicated!

To have a go yourself visit the RAPOD website or give the sales team a call on 01675 443645



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