Decorated Shed garden buildings can prevent downshifting

This week in our self improvement feature I have been speaking to Sally Leaver who runs a very informative website about sustainable business and living, coaching and useful resources on improving your busy lives

Downshifting is what happens when people decide that the demands of their modern working life do not justify the rewards. We want and need to enjoy our families, relationships and friends. It is important to separate our work lives from our personal lives.

A Decorated Shed building can be the perfect solution and give you the extra space to relax in and enjoy your weekends. Our sunrooms have been very popular this season but the leisure buildings interest is rising to. It is nice to have an outdoor separate area where friends and families can socialise, and the children can play outside. Alternatively a leisure room can accommodate the children and their friends giving you the time and space you need in your home.

Sally also talks about sustainable living which we support through our building materials and resources. Our garden offices are a perfect example of this as they will cut down your transport levels and help the environment.

After reading some of Sally’s comments and articles it does remind me of the importance to leave work behind on a Friday and enjoy the spare time you have. Decorated Shed produce buildings for work, rest and play and we will build them to your specification with whatever features you may need inside and out. We are open to suggestions and are happy to answer any initial questions you may have about the building that has the potential to adjust your life.

For more information about Decorated Shed take a look at their website

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