Creating an outdoor dining room

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Creating An Outdoor Dining Space

There is a growing trend for creating ‘outdoor rooms’ in the garden in order to extend our homes beyond the exterior walls. Gone are the days when al fresco dining meant a white plastic set of patio furniture. These days homeowners are opting instead for carefully designed outdoor dining rooms complete with furniture, lighting and even heating.

With this in mind, here are my top tips for creating the perfect outdoor dining area.

Getting Into The Right Position

One aspect which is often overlooked when it comes to creating an outdoor room is the positioning. In terms of a dining area, it is more important than ever as you will want to be close to where the food is being prepared. This means it is likely to be placed close to the house, ideally with access to the kitchen. However, many homeowners are actually adding an outdoor kitchen area too which may give more leeway when it comes to placing the dining area.

Protecting Your Privacy

There are few things which are more disconcerting than being watched while you eat. If your garden is overlooked then this is something you will need to consider when designing your dining area. This is a particular issue in urban homes.

One of the most popular ways to create privacy is using an overhead arbour or a pergola. Not only will these offer privacy and shade while you eat, but they can also create boundaries which enclose the space making it feel more like a room and less like a table dropped in the middle of the yard.

There is a wide choice of styles available meaning that you can create many different looks depending on your own personal style or to match the overall style of your home.

Choosing Appropriate Furniture

One of the most important pars of any outdoor dining area is of course the choice of furniture. In particular it is important to focus on the materials from which  the furniture is constructed. Since your dining table and chairs is going to be used outside it needs to be able to withstand the elements.

Wooden furniture needs to be treated so that is does not warp when it gets wet and metal needs to be maintained to avoid rusting. It may be necessary to purchase protective covers to keep your furniture in the best possible condition. If you purchase dining furniture that is intended for outdoor use then it should be pre-treated, but if you are thinking of using regular furniture then you will certainly need to take steps to weatherproof it.

Including Heat & Lighting

As a finishing touch to your new outdoor area it is a good idea to consider installing heating and lighting. This means that you can get more use out of the area at night, and even through fall when the weather starts to get cooler. There are many patio heaters on the market which can offer both light and heat.

With some careful consideration of these points you will have the ability to design a really great outdoor dining space for your home. There may be other things you need to consider including accessories such as soft furnishings, plants and other décor items. The only limit with your outdoor dining room is your own imagination so let it loose!

This post was contributed by John Miller, a freelance writer who enjoys writing on the topic of home improvements. John has contributed to a number of websites including, where you can find a wide range of dining chairs and other stylish furniture.

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