Create a homework room for your kids in the garden

We are just a couple weeks into the new academic year. Hopefully, your kids are in the swing of doing their homework! One way of ensuring that your kids will happily do their homework is to create a dedicated study space for them in the garden.

Harrison James, the bespoke garden room designers, have recently seen an increase in parents looking to build a dedicated homework room in the garden. A place where the kids can retreat to, and work on their studies without the distractions of the main house.


Harrison James tell us that their clients are wanting to encourage their children’s learning while offering them some independence whether they are at school, college or university.


James Willmott founder of Harrison James Garden Rooms explains:

Parents are always keen to support their children’s learning and enable them to perform their best and in recent years we have noticed an increase in the request for a study or office space. It could be that this correlates with the rising costs of education and the pressure to make the most of the opportunity and gain employment.
Garden rooms can create the perfect study environment as they are separate from the house and therefore naturally more quiet. With lots of windows, not only will you enjoy natural light, which is less straining for eyes, but you’ll also draw the outdoor greenery in, to create a more harmonious atmosphere.
Homeowners are also seeing a garden room as a long-term investment to increase property value, so we are often designing rooms that are versatile and can have multiple purposes, so they can be adapted to family life even after the children have completed their studies.”
To learn more about creating a homework room in the garden talk to the Harrison James team on 01403 713 766 or visit their website. Harrison James also has two show sites where you can view a number of different garden room designs. One show site is at Harrison James HQ near Horsham the other is at the Wyevale Garden Centre in Windsor.

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