Could a eco toilet be the solution for your garden room?

Many garden room buyers are interested in adding a toilet for both connivence and creating a truly self contained extension. Designing in a cloakroom with toilet facilities is within the scope of many garden room designers.

The problems arise when it comes to connecting the new toilet system to the mains supplies – water and sewerage. A regular toilet system needs water to flush the waste and this water needs to come from somewhere and then be disposed correctly, as does the waste material produced.

If your garden room is sited fairly close to your house it is possible to connect a regular toilet system to the mains supplies of water and sewerage, but if your garden room is a long way from these main supplies it can become very expensive to install a toilet.

A garden room with eco toilet doesn’t have these problems

Eco toilets also called dry toilets and composting toilets are a feasible option for use in a garden room, in fact we featured one installed in a garden gym by eDEN Garden Rooms recently on this guide.

Peoples first thought when thinking about eco toilets is a wooden box that you have to add sawdust too, and the smell of stale bodily functions, but modern eco toilets are nothing like this, they look very similar to a conventional toilet, they have a proper seat, you don’t have to add anything after going to the loo and there is no smell!


There are two eco toilet systems

The way the eco toilet deals with the waste will depend on the type of system you choose.

One system separates urine and faeces. The urine is filtered to become an odourless liquid which you can use as a fertiliser and the faeces are composted down. Some systems ask you to turn the drum to excellerate the composting, others don’t, and you empty the canisters at regular intervals – some systems say as little as once a year. This doesn’t sound an unpleasant task because what is left is not much different to the compost you can create in a bin.

The second system incinerates the waste to form an ash which again you can spread on the garden. This type of eco toilet is fitted with a heater which heats the waste at very high temperatures dealing with it instantly rather than have it sitting around composting like the previous option.

What about smell?

Having waste stored makes you think that there will be a smell attached to the system, but eco toilets are fitted with fans and vents which direct any stale air out of the garden room.

Do you see anything?

We don’t want to see waste sitting there when we lift the seat, do we? Eco toilets have a screen system which shields the view of the waste.

Just press the button

Eco toilets don’t have water to flush away the waste, instead they are connected to the electrics and the press of a button ‘flushes’ the loo.

We are impressed with the new eco toilets on offer and feel they are an option for garden room buyers who want ‘facilities’ but with out the hassle of connecting to the mains.

To learn more speak to eDEN Garden Rooms who have used such systems in their garden room designs or take a look at which has quite a lot of information on the subject.


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