Contemporary Garden Room sitting over a pond

Contemporary Garden Rooms will tailor their designs to your garden; this is no more evident than in this recent commission which has been designed to sit over a pond.

Contemporary Garden Rooms were commissioned to design and build a garden room that could be used as both work and leisure space. Their customer wanted to create this space overlooking an existing pond in their garden.

Garden room sitting over a pond

We know from experience, having designed and built a garden room sitting over a pond many years ago, that additional thought has to be given to the design when building over water. Thought has to be given to the foundation system used. Protecting the core structure from water and safeguarding users of the garden room, particularly children from falling into the water.

The Contemporary Garden Rooms team has clearly addressed all these key issues. They designed a steel frame foundation system which the building sits upon, clear of the water. The timber components, insulation, etc. does not come into contact with the water, so the core structure will remain dry.

Based on the Alcove design the garden room has clean modern linesThe garden room sits on a steel foundation away from the water

A glass balustrade has been fitted along the edge of the decked veranda, discreetly offering protection from anyone falling into the water.

Based on the Alcove design

Contemporary Garden Rooms offer four standard designs of garden rooms, but in reality, they are just the starting point for your own unique garden room. This customer chose the Alcove design as their starting point.

The l-shape garden room creates two rooms that flow together

The Alcove design has a clean, contemporary look, with the doors recessed to accentuate the minimalist lines of the building. This customer chose to create a 7 meter by 5 meter l-shaped version of the Alcove design, creating two wings which flow together as one. A large decked area connects the two wings and creates a nice contained, outside sitting area. We recently featured a similar l-shaped design by Contemporary Garden Rooms that sits in a traditional garden setting.

The exterior of the garden room is finished in Western Red Cedar tongue & groove cladding. This cladding has been fixed vertically, again accentuating the clean lines of the building.

The room incorporates a kitchenette

This garden room truly is a retreat from the house. The customer opted to incorporate a kitchenette into the building so that they can make drinks and snacks, without having to return to the main house.

A real transformation

As you can see from the before and after photos, Contemporary Garden Rooms design has transformed this area of the garden. The building, combined with the refreshed planting around the pond have created a real garden retreat.

The garden before work startedThe finished project has created the perfect retreat

To learn more about how Contemporary Garden Rooms can transform an area of your garden into a beautiful retreat, give them a call on 01952 825 630 or take a look at their website.

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