Consider Building Control when building close to the boundary

A recent conversation with Executive Garden Rooms flagged up an important issue that we would like to highlight with garden room buyers – the Building Control rules relating to siting a garden room within 1 meter of the boundary of the garden.


We all get focused on Planning Permission

Garden room buyers and suppliers websites focus in on the Planning Permission rules that state garden rooms less that 2.5m high can be sited right up to the boundaries of the garden, but there are other rules to consider as well as Planning Permission, namely Building Control.

The Planning Portal states that garden rooms with an internal footprint of 15-30 square meters needs to comply with Building Regulations if the garden room is sited within 1 meter of the boundaries of your garden.

This rule will apply to all but the smallest of garden rooms

The garden rooms we are buying are getting bigger, so this is a rule you should have in mind when you choose a supplier as a 15 sqm garden room isn’t huge, for example a garden room with internal measurements of 3 meters by 5 meters will need to be either sited more than 1 meter for the boundaries of your garden or built to comply with Building Regulations.

So, what are the options

If your building is between 15 & 30 square meters you have two options, you either site your garden room at least 1 meter from each boundary or you ensure that it is built using non combustible materials and signed off by Building Control. The reason for this is the risk of fire spread, so its a significant issue.

It really does matter

Not only is it a legal requirement, your safety and the safety of your neighbours is on the line, in addition this can be a big issue when selling your house.

Executive Garden Rooms told us that one of their clients recently sold their house and questions about the garden room came up in the conveyancing process, because the customer had chosen Executive Garden Rooms who build all their garden rooms to Building Control standards this was not an issue because the appropriate certificates could be produced and the sale went through, but if they had chosen a garden room that hadn’t been built to Building Regulation standards this would have been a huge issue.

What can you do?

If you are buying a large garden room and want to site it close to the boundary talk to different suppliers about how they will handle the situation, don’t be fobbed off with the line that you don’t need Planning Permission because its less than 2.5m high – this is a different issue. You want your supplier to tell you that you can either site the building more than 1 meter form the boundaries or that they will talk to the Building Control and work with them to design a compliant structure, a responsible and experienced garden room supplier will be used to this.

Executive Garden Rooms design all their rooms to be Building Regulation compliant, visit their website for more information of give the team a call on 01258 489833



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