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Research that we have conducted on this guide has shown that many people are looking for cost effective garden rooms, that are contemporary in design and in most cases don’t require planning permission.

Clear Space Studios has designed three new garden rooms, each available in a three standard sizes, let’s look at the options:

CS Dual

With the CS Dual Clear Space Studios have mixed a traditional pitched roof garden room with popular contemporary features and materials.  The CS Dual features narrow windows which wrap around the building and are positioned at a perfect height when sitting at a desk; the door has been positioned in the gable end which cleverly keeps the overall roof height of the garden room low to comply with Permitted Development rules. The CS Dual is available in three sizes 2.5m x 2.5m which costs £8,340, 3m x 3m costing £11,340 and 2.5m x 4m which costs £13,794 all prices inclusive of VAT.

CS Cube

The CS Cube would look at home in even the smallest garden. As its name suggest the CS Cube has a  strong cubist  shape and features the narrow wrap around windows that have recently become popular in small garden room design, the windows are perfectly positioned for looking out whilst sitting at a desk. The CS Cube is available in three sizes: 2.5m x 2.5m which costs £8,340, 3m x 3m costing £11,340 and 2.5m x 4m which costs £13,794 all prices inclusive of VAT.

CS Mono

The CS Mono is a modern mono pitched garden room that features full length glazed windows and doors, this building would be perfect as a garden office, artist’s studio or just somewhere to sit and relax. The CS Mono is available in three sizes: 2.5m x 2.5m which costs £8,340, 3m x 3m costing £11,340 and 2.5m x 4m which costs £13,794 all prices inclusive of VAT.

On top of these standard building prices Clear Space Studios are very transparent with the pricing for optional extras for instance if you want the glazing on the CS Cube to wrap around two additional elevations that will cost you an extra £1,500, and if you want to add a splash of colour to your building that will cost you an additional £210.

In view of the very reasonable prices we are very impressed with the specification of the Clear Space Studio range.

The Clear Space Studios range is built on a 120mm composite framework which features insulation and building membranes to create a breathable eco friendly structure. The walls are finished externally in 18-20mm thick cedar or larch cladding; both types of cladding are highly durable and have a long life expectancy. The roofs on the Clear Spaces ranges are finished in Firestone EPDM membranes which have a long maintenance free lifespan.

House quality aluminium doors and windows are used on all buildings and are glazed with argon filled double glazed units and are fitted with insurance approved locks.

Internally the Clear Space Studio range has a hard wall surface finished in white, the floor is Porcelanosa engineered laminate in a choice of colours.

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All studios are electrically wired with recessed spotlights, 4 double sockets and a consumer board; all you have to do is arrange for an electrician to hook the studio up to the mains.

The Clear Space Studios range can be fully installed in your garden in just 1-2 days, the prices quoted depend on a clear and level site although the Clear Space team can do this for you at an extra cost.

For more information about this great value new range visit the Clear Space Studios website.

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