Cladding an interior garden room wall

We talk a lot about the cladding used on the exterior of a garden room where its main purpose is to protect the inner core of the building from the weather. A recent episode of the BBC’s The House That £100k Built has reminded us how good cladding can look inside a garden room too.

On the £100k House the presenters were encouraging the homebuilders to think about using a material both inside and out to create a feeling of greater space. This same principle can be used in garden room designs.

cedar cladding on garden rooms

Cladding an interior wall in a garden room

We have mocked up this garden room to explain our point. We have extended the cladding that is used on the exterior of the building along one wall internally. We have used a frameless glazed panel to create an uninterrupted visual line.

Using cladding inside a garden room

As you can see it creates quite a contemporary twist on the traditional idea of wood panelling.

Many garden room suppliers will be able to create a similar sort of look for you, particularly the bespoke garden room designers.

So, don’t just think about cladding externally, consider it internally too.


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