Choosing the right bed for your room- guest room

Guest Post

Many people use garden rooms as guest rooms.  Given the seclusion you get with a garden room it makes sense to use this for a guest room as it makes guests feel more comfortable.

Deciding on a bed for your guests requires a different approach to choosing a bed for the main residents of the dwelling.  On one hand, space could be an issue, especially in a garden room, and on the other hand a well designed guestroom should offer as much comfort and convenience as possible.

In a larger house, there is the possibility of a dedicated guest-room, however given the size of some houses this isn’t possible.  Many people have a room that is multi-functional, such as an office which can house a bed for when guests wish to stay over, such as their garden room.

When deciding how to approach the guest’s bed take into consideration how often you think the bed will be used. Certainly if you have the space, the budget, and have guests often then the problem of finding a bed to suit the room won’t require too much effort. For those who don’t have the space or budget and only have guests sporadically then finding a bed to suit the room takes some imagination.

For those that entertain less, and have less space, a futon or sleeper sofa may be more practical. Daybeds are a good solution for homes that need to double the area for sitting and sleeping as well as have a decorative bedroom appeal. These options can then be moved and changed into a seating area during the day so the room can be used for other purposes.  You can find a lot of quality sofa beds if you visit

With the proper planning your guest can be made to feel comfortable and welcome. They can have a bed when they stay over and when they don’t you will have a decorative or functional piece of furniture to suit your room.

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