Choosing an experienced garden room supplier

If you are looking for a stress-free build that makes use of tried and tested building systems, your best bet is to work with an experienced supplier.

The garden room industry is growing significantly year on year, and it’s an appealing market for new businesses. Each year we add details of these new suppliers to The Garden Room Guide, and whilst we are seeing some innovative designs from these new suppliers who are bringing experience from different industries, they may not have built many actual garden rooms which mean they may not have ironed out any potential problems which can lead to a bumpy buying process for the customer.

On The Garden Room Guide, you will find a mix of suppliers who have been in the market for many years and built hundreds of garden rooms. You will also find listings for newer suppliers who have only built a handful of garden rooms.

How do you tell how much experience a supplier has?

The obvious answer is to ask the suppliers how many garden rooms they have built, and specifically ask how many they have built in the size and style you are interested in.

The other option is to look at the supplier’s website and brochure and look at the images in their gallery section. Garden room suppliers tend to keep their websites updated with images of recent builds. Lots of images of different buildings will give you a clear idea of their experience.

Although we don’t claim to have featured every garden room built in the UK, we do feature the work of most of the key players in the industry, many of whom send us regular updates of what they have been working on. Searching The Garden Room Guide is a way of gauging a suppliers experience. Each article is dated so you can see when it was added, and if you type a suppliers name into our search box, all of the articles we’ve written about their recent builds will show up.

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