Check the water butt on your garden room

Do you have a water butt connected to your garden room? If so please check it to see how full it is.

We have two water butts here on Garden Room HQ and what with all the rain we have had over the last couple of months we are keeping a close eye on them. On 1 January we found that both butts we full to the brim so we drained them both down. Whilst we know how much its been raining we were shocked to find on Sunday (10th January) that both butts were both completely full again! Its amazing how much water can run off a relatively small building.

Its important to keep a close eye on a water butt that is connected to a garden room. The last thing you want is for a full butt to overflow. Excess water like this could damage the fabric of your garden room which isn’t good in the long term.

So, please go and check yours!


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