Challenging Central London garden studio build

INSITU Garden Offices have recently completed this contemporary garden studio in Central London for an internationally renowned menswear designer. The site presented several challenges, in fact, several other garden room designers turned down the project, but the INSITU Garden Offices team like a challenge!

The site offered many challenges:

  1. The 25 square meter building was to be sited over an underground coal bunker (you can see the door to it in the right-hand corner of the photo). This means that the concrete pads and piling systems which have become popular in garden room design were not an option. A custom foundation system needed designing.
  2. The only access to the site was through the high-end menswear fashion shop, and out through a narrow window with an 1100mm window sill at the rear. The movement of the materials couldn’t disrupt the business of the shop.
  3. No on-street parking and restricted space to work and store materials, so materials would have to be ordered on a ‘just in time’ basis.
  4. The building required Planning Permission and a tree protection plan.

The INSITU Garden Offices team had a custom designed steel foundation frame made which spreads the load of the building over the coal bunker. The load of the building and its sedum roof had to be carefully calculated when designing the steel frame. After all, at 25 square meters, it’s a substantial building.

As part of the design process INSITU Garden Offices create a series of computer renderings so that clients can clearly visualise their new building

A 1.5-meter canopy has been created at the side of the building so that the bikes used by the shop staff can be discreetly stored. A non-slip composite deck was created around the studio which completes the modern look.

We can see why this site was considered tricky by other garden room suppliers. The INSITU Garden Offices team have created a fine solution to the problem.

If you have a tricky site, talk to the INSITU Garden Offices team on 0845 474 3 494 or visit their website to learn more about their work.


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