Cedar Shingle Roofs

With a trend for planning permission friendly flat roof garden rooms you don’t see that many cedar shingle roofed garden rooms these days, we spotted this one recently on our travels and think it looks lovely!

Apparently this roof was tiled in May and has already mellowed in colour, the shingles where really quite a dark brown to start with, but with the little of bit of sun we had this summer they have mellowed to varying shades of rust.

The owner of this garden room has upgraded to cedar shingles from asphalt shingles which the garden room came with because:

when I brought my garden room I opted for asphalt shingles because they were significantly cheaper, but I have always regretted it, my garden room needed repainting so I decided that now was an opportunity to change the tiles too, this involved quite a lot of work as the roof deck needed to be changed for cedar shingles, because the roof was stripped back I added two roof windows and the new look is just what I wanted, I only wish I hadn’t thought cedar shingles were expensive originally, they are worth every penny!

So, when you are considering roof coverings for your garden room, consider cedar shingles, yes they are a bit more expensive than other roof coverings but they will give years of beauty!


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