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How much do garden rooms cost to run?

Like any room in your house a garden room has ongoing running costs for heat and light, and a customer recently emailed us to ask “how much do garden rooms cost a year to run?”

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The Pitched Roof Garden Studio is Back!

We’re delighted to see that pitched roof garden studios are back on designers drawing boards, the last few months have seen new pitched roof garden studio designs by Decorated Shed, Garden Spaces and Studioni hit the market. Where did the pitched roof go? Nowhere! There has been a core collection of classic pitched roof garden […]

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Do your research…

Garden rooms are a significant investment and a large object that you are going to be using, and looking at daily so it’s a good idea if you do some research before you buy. You have made a good start by visiting The Garden Room Guide and we aim to give you information about garden […]

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The Garden Studio by Maison d’etre Properties is inspired by North American architecture and features distinctive board and batten external cladding. The Garden Studio has an internal footprint of 13m2 which is approximately a 4m square building with the front corner cut off to form a veranda area with roof canopy. The Garden Studio is […]

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