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SIP’s the future of garden office construction?

SIP’s which stands for Structural Insulated Panel’s are becoming a popular option in garden office construction. SIP’s are replacing the use of traditional timber frames in garden office construction, and offer considerable savings on materials, construction time and costs. SIP’s also offer better thermal and acoustic insulation than timber frames. In traditional timber framed buildings […]

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The Home Office Co. in the snow!

The team at The Home Office Company thought you would like this picture of their garden room in the snow. The bueaty of a home office is that you are able to get to work – no matter what the weather – you can even stop and build a snowman on the way! Garden rooms […]

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The Home Office Company

Whether you are looking for a small garden office or a large studio The Home Office Company has a building to fit the bill. The Home Office Company have a distinctive style which sets them apart from their competitors, this is achieved by the use of floor to ceiling glazed panels, a gable roof with […]

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